May any sort of advise either among the above (and repair my know-how on support) or one more ideal library. If essential I would be willing to use one lib for doc and an additional for docx.

You can easily discover it at, maybe it presently provides what you require right here, otherwise it is actually hopefully very easy to include more functions.

Take a look at OpenOffice to see [by hand] whether it can easily generate the types of reports you need. Merely arm some docs, and also spare some docs and docx versions. If the outcomes pass these easy guidebook examinations, after that Docmosis or JODReports may automate this coming from Java.

I have become aware of Apache POI and docx4j. Coming from reading through around I am actually certain exactly how great the word support is actually in POI. docx4j just sustains docx format as for I can easily observe.

I needed something identical and have actually created an easy project which makes it possible for to accomplish a mail-merge of a word document as well as information from an Excel/CSV file.

Does anyone have any sort of expertise with doing mail combine from Java on a word document? I need to have to support both doc and docx styles.

I am utilizing c# to script a mail merge using MS Word and the code listed below … The merge performs correctly, nonetheless when I use the PrintOut() command, merely the very first page is printed.

Working along with MS Word documents is actually incredibly hard. DOC style is actually quite made complex, DOCX is actually in idea less complex, however it is actually quite brand-new and also there is no fully grown, feature wealthy Java library to team up with it and also DOC as effectively.

Docx4j has a MailMerger training class. It works, yet it strips out a whole lot of format at the same time.

The easiest services to most issues associated with functioning along with MS Office documents is actually explain in the Joel Spolsky write-up. I hope you can utilize this procedure in your request.

Exists in any case I can oblige it to imprint every one of the webpages coming from the accomplished merge?

Just to provide a little more info. If I get rid of the SQLStatement line as well as go to my duty manager to pick the “table choose” procedure (it may merely be selected making use of the job supervisor) and choose the correct sheet then the remainder of the course operates efficiently.

Just releasing the $doc.PrintOut() order will definitely print the authentic (non-merged) “templateFile.docx” which is actually only a solitary page.

Figured it out … My initial code opened the “templateFile.docx” file and after that performed the Mail Merge which in fact creates a new document referred to as “Kind Letters1.docx”

I am actually attempting to get a mail combine going coming from stand out to word. My concern (I think) is actually with SQLStatement:=”SELECT * FROM ‘Mail Merge Information$'” for when I operate my code stand out goes into limbo expecting word. When I enter into my activity supervisor I observe word is stuck on selecting a desk. There are no options in the dining table pick food selection and also the assigned workbook is just the pathway of my workbook with.xls affixed throughout. If I take out the SQLStatement line the same factor takes place but the pick table is occupied with the slabs and name ranges in my workbook. I’m hoping that this is a slight mistake or even a typo on my component.

The answer is to switch over “emphasis” to the recently made/ merged document just before publishing.

Mail merge from Java

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