I located Microsoft’s Office Web Apps Web Browser Plugin for Firefox enable to modify Office files on skydrive.live.com. My inquiry is actually that whether this plugin have to team up with an Office Web Apps-capable hosting server, including SharePoint 2010? Can it function along with a WebDav-enable non-SharePoint hosting server?

I need to make use of WebDav to edit remote MS Office files in neighborhood Word/Excel/PowerPoint application. The papers dwell on a WebDav-enable non-SharePoint hosting server.

Any type of API documentation for utilizing this plugin?

Develop a simple javascript code, to secure the above item, which is implicitly refined by the Office Web Apps internet browser plugin to give you a FFWinPlugin object. All you need to accomplish is actually to refer to as suitable EditDocument approaches of this object for editing.

The response for the question is right here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff407576

Generally, our company can utilize FFWinPlugin Plug-in whose application is actually determined in NPSPWRAP.dll, a compelling link-library delivered through Microsoft’s Office Internet Apps Internet Browser Plugin. All you need to have to carry out is to determine a things in the server’s reaction.

Carries out anybody understands just how Microsoft Office knows if a record was installed from the web?

When I open up a Word file that was installed from the net, for example, it opens it in some kind of a safe mode.

Exactly how Carries out Office recognizes the data was downloaded coming from the web?

Is it feasible to bypass this protected view (through trademark for instance)?

As clarified in the Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering Blog:

When a documents is downloaded and install coming from the World wide web the Microsoft Window Attachment Execution Solution places an indicator in the report’s alternating records flow to suggest it originated from the Internet zone. When a Word, Excel or even PowerPoint file levels as well as possesses this indicator it will definitely open up in Protected View till the customer decides to rely on and edit it.

The blog connected over enters into more information as does this file:

Program Protected Sight environments for Office 2013

I located Microsoft’s Office Web Apps Web Browser Plugin for Firefox allow to revise Office documents on skydrive.live.com. My concern is actually that whether this plugin possess to work with an Office Internet Apps-capable web server, such as SharePoint 2010? New hosting server has actually Word from the Office Professional Plus 2016 put up (no other functions like Excel or others). If you make use of an Office application coming from a server-side answer, the request is going to do not have many of the essential abilities to run successfully. Read through even more about that in the Considerations for server-side Hands free operation of Office post.

If you make use of an Office request from a server-side option, the use is going to do not have several of the needed functionalities to run effectively. Review much more regarding that in the Points to consider for server-side Automation of Office article.

It was actually functioning great on some of our servers, nevertheless our company just recently obtained a brand-new one. New server has Word from the Office Specialist Additionally 2016 mounted (not one other functions like Excel or even others). On the brand new server I CAN run this application coming from my profile (this informs me that all elements are actually existing on the maker).

Microsoft does not presently encourage, and does not sustain, Automation of Microsoft Office requests coming from any ignored, non-interactive client treatment or component (consisting of ASP, ASP.NET, DCOM, as well as NT Companies), since Office might display unstable habits and/or deadlock when Office is actually functioned in this environment.

Look at using Open XML SDK if you manage open XML documents just, view Welcome to the Open XML SDK 2.5 for Office for additional information. Or merely try to make use of any third-party components parts created for the server-side completion.

Invoke MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint in Firefox/Chrome

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